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About Us


Unusual Lights' mission is to offer customers around the entire world unique selections of products with quality, value, and purpose paired with excellent customer service.



The creator of Unusual Lights began as a real estate redeveloper, fixing up old homes and selling them. He found that by utilizing lights in unique ways, he could manipulate the allure of any house. Different lighting could be used to create any desired vibe, from the feelings of charm and warmth of a secluded retreat, to the glamor of a lustrous majestic sanctuary. This was an extremely cost effective strategy that drastically increased house appeal, and consequently, its value. Other professionals in the real estate industry sought his advice on how to obtain the same high quality, and not readily available in big box store, LED products. Between his personal projects and helping other people get their unusual lights, he developed excellent relationships with many manufactures and started receiving below wholesale prices. With these developments, he got the idea to open up Unusual Lights; a website where you can buy unique luminous products from anywhere in the world, at a discount price, that boring brick and mortar stores aren't able to offer. 




We only sell durable, capable, high quality products that are second to none, and the fact that they illuminate is what sets us apart from competitors.